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Agricultural and Garden Machinery Maintenance

With the continuous improvement of agricultural mechanization production level all over the world, the proportion of agricultural machinery and equipment such as tractors, farming machines and lawn mowers in agricultural production is increasing. Welding equipment plays a crucial role in the after-sales maintenance of agricultural and garden machinery and equipment.

Automobile industry

Automobile body is mainly made of steel, aluminum and other metal materials, automobile body frame in the vehicle production of the proportion is quite large, the cutting of the body, processing and welding, not only the demand for welding power supply, the precision of the power supply is also very high.

Rail transit industry

Rail transit is a complex system integrating multiple specialties and types of work. It usually consists of rail routes, stations, vehicles, maintenance and overhaul bases, power supply and transformation, communication signals, command and control centers, etc. The transportation organization, function realization and safety guarantee of urban rail transit should follow the objective law of rail transit. Rail transit has the characteristics of large volume, fast speed, safety, punctuality, environmental protection, energy conservation and land use.
Welding equipment plays a closely related role in track laying and car body manufacturing in rail transit industry.

Construction steel structure industry

Steel structure building a new type of building system can be through the real estate industry, construction, metallurgy industry between the industry boundaries, set into a new industrial system, this is the industry generally optimistic about the steel structure building system. At present, the use of steel structure building in high-rise buildings is increasingly mature, gradually become the mainstream construction technology, is the development direction of future architecture.
Welding, as the main linking method of building steel structure, plays an important role in building steel structure. More than 50% of the steel should be welded before it is put into use. Welding equipment is an important construction equipment in the construction of steel structure industry.

Highway tunnel and bridge industry

Since the opening of hujia Expressway in 1988, China's expressway construction has been advancing by leaps and bounds. It soared from 100 km in 1988 to 96,200 km in 2012. In the first 15 years of expressway development, that is, from 1990 to 2005, expressway construction experienced a period of rapid growth, with the national expressway mileage increasing by 20%-80% year on year, especially from 1998 to 2005, the annual average mileage of newly opened expressway was more than 4500 km. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China continued to build expressways at a faster pace. In the past five years, the length of expressways opened to traffic increased by 33,000 kilometers, or an average of 6,600 kilometers were built each year, a faster pace than in the previous 15 years. Welding and cutting equipment plays an important role in the construction of road and bridge industry.

Shipbuilding industry

As we all know, welding technology is one of the modern engineering technology. Since the 1920s, shipbuilding was introduced and the development of shipbuilding industry was promoted. Now welding is increasingly shown to be the key technology of modern shipbuilding. In shipbuilding, welding hours account for about 30%-40% of the total hull construction hours, and welding costs account for about 30%-50% of the total hull construction costs. Ship welding quality is an important index to evaluate shipbuilding quality, and welding machine plays a particularly prominent role in shipbuilding industry.